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Latest Talk

Smart Hopewell share's his journey through life as a creative Dyslexic. His message of hope has helped and inspired many to see their creativity or Dyslexia as a blessing from God and not a curse.

What's on the Menu?

Things to expect at Smart's Talks

  • Creative Story telling - During this time establishments can expect Smart to share a breif but detailed set of video clips or slides in illustrating a small portion of Smart's story to help set a scene.
  • Shaking Off The Old - This incldues looking at some of the type's of things people and society use to try and lable us as creatives, dyslexic or disabled. The goal is to throw out this old way of thinking.
  • Renued Thinking - Now that we know all the lies, we can adopt a not way of thinking. During this time Smart invests all His enegry into encourage, inspiring and equipping both young and old to understand that they are precious and loved. That there is a purpose for their life and they can do the impossible.

Coming Soon!


Phone: +44 079 3481 8504